Fulfilling the Destiny
God Created You For


Midget — A Fable of Giant Inner Healing

Ever feel stuck and unable to move forward? Are you or a family member dealing with addictions, or relapsing into dangerous behavior? Are you or someone you know bound by something and unable to get free, even after becoming a Christian?

This FREE ebook answers these difficult questions and more. Dave illustrates the principles of Biblical identity and inner healing in the context of an engaging story. A short and easy read, Midget shows you how to step out of limiting behavior into the boundless freedom God has for us. Start living your God-adventure today! Fiction, 52 pages, 14 pt font, lots of pictures. Click the image to download.

Hearing God and What's Next

Hearing God and What’s Next

  • 12 Ways to Hear God
  • 3 Things to Do about It
  • 6 Ways to Know You’re Not Crazy

Ever struggle to hear God? Need to hear God desperately for a situation in your life? So I heard God — now what? Is this really God or am I crazy? Does this sound all too familiar?

This short FREE ebook tackles these questions and more. Dave gives simple ways to hear God better, a practical guide to walk out what you’re hearing, and Biblical sanity checks to vet what you’re hearing and know you’re not crazy. Non-fiction, 20 pages, 14 pt font, lots of graphics. Click the image to download.

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