Fulfilling the Destiny
God Created You For


Do you ever:

  • Get frustrated trying to hear God?
  • Not even believe God wants to speak to you?
  • Want to get close enough to hear God but don’t know how?
  • Think it’s too big to even be possible?

Good news! You CAN hear God because he wants to talk to you.

In our FREE ebook Hearing God and What’s Next you’ll learn:

  • How to turn on your spiritual radio.
  • How to tune into God’s frequency.
  • How to turn up the volume.
  • How to fast-forward your ability to hear God.
  • Activities you can do where God is almost guaranteed to speak.
  • How to interpret and apply what you hear.
  • How to sanity-check what you hear so you don’t go off the deep-end.

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